Welcome to the website of Mr. A.P.B. (Berry) Uiterwijk Winkel MSc

On this website the author answers some fundamental scientific questions. The author starts from angles which differ from those prevailing in science in 2016.

The author gives a complete outline ranging from:
a) the smallest level of the mass higgs / string / snare particles,
b) to the majorana particles like neutrinos and photons,
c) to the build-up and the construction of the proton / electron,
d) the periodic table of common atoms with all physical forces (gravity) / chemical forces,
e) the periodic table of black hole atoms with their physical properties,
f) to the scale of the universe and the energy neutral cycle of this universe with its endless cycle of 29 steps. It takes approx. 2 – 3 trillion (10¹²) years to complete one cycle! The cycle of the universe also clears up problems and questions regarding ‘black mass / matter’ and ‘black energy’.
These documents give a new and integral overview ranging from the higgs level to the level of the universe and endless energy-neutral cycle of this universe!

From this cycle a mathematic model can be made! This means that the complete past and complete future of the universe can be quantified down to only a few years! With this mathematical model of the universe the problems in quantum mechanics will also be solved.

The author’s detailed proposals form one physical, chemical and nuclear physics unit and are sometimes completely contrary to the prevailing views in the current science. The author fundamentally rejects Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the related Big Bang Theory.

The documents on this website www.uiterwijkwinkel.eu contain practically no references to literature.

Under the heading ‘List of Documents’ it has been divided into several parts. Part A contains general information about the author and his theories. Parts B, C, D, E, F and G contain ‘scientific’ documents and figures based on the author’s research. Parts I and J contain letters to various institutes.

The author offers visitors to the website a quick overview of his work and hopes that they will soon familiarize themselves with the subjects being dealt with.

The different parts can be opened by clicking on them. Each part then opens a new frame with the relevant documents and figures.

With one click you can return to the home page.

The English translation of a number of documents is still to be improved.

For copyright regarding the documents published on www.uiterwijkwinkel.eu see Document A6

Date, 5 February 2016.